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Where Passion Meets Purpose

At Nemaha Valley Community Hospital, we believe in nurturing the passions that drive our staff. Our approach is simple yet profoundly impactful: we identify your unique interests and strengths, then actively support your journey to excel in those areas.

By offering targeted opportunities and fostering an environment conducive to growth, we ensure that every member of our team can flourish within their passion. This philosophy not only enhances personal and professional development but also enriches the quality of care we provide to our community.

Join us, and let your passion guide your career to new heights.

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

To provide personalized, compassionate healthcare while promoting wellness in the communities we serve.

Nemaha Valley Community Hospital will be recognized as a leading independent community-based hospital committed to our patients, their families, and the communities we serve by:

· Excelling in patient-centered care through strategic use of technology and personalized, compassionate care;

· Promoting the health and well being of our communities through education and resource development;

· Creating an organizational culture based on teamwork and accountability that values professional growth and individual learning; and

· Measuring performance based on financial stability, quality scores and compliance with best practices.

C – Compassionate care, all the time, in every situation

– Achieving excellence through accountability

R – Respecting the dignity of each patient and their family

E – Enriching the lives of those we serve by investing in education, technology and our staff

Fostering Professional Growth

At Nemaha Valley Community Hospital, we are committed to nurturing the professional development of our team members and those aspiring to join the healthcare field. Through our job shadowing and internship opportunities participants in our programs can expect to:

  • Experience learning as a part of Nemaha Valley Community Hospital’s culture, ensuring that continuous education is a key component of our work environment.
  • Enhance an employee’s skill set beyond their job description, offering opportunities for growth and development in various healthcare disciplines.
  • Gain hands-on experience and acquisition of practical skills, allowing for a deeper understanding of patient care and hospital operations.
  • Gain a better understanding of how Nemaha Valley Community Hospital operates, providing a comprehensive view of our commitment to personalized, compassionate healthcare.

Through these opportunities, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the healthcare industry, while also contributing to the high standard of care we provide to our community.

Competitive Pay

Competitive salaries and a lower cost of living contributes to an enhanced quality of life for our employees.

Paid Time Off

Our extensive paid time off policy is designed to cover all forms of absences from work.


We actively promote personal growth by offering opportunities for both structured and casual learning experiences.

Health & Dental Insurance

We offer comprehensive healthcare coverage through both medical and dental insurance benefits.

LTD & Life Insurance

We support our employees with financial security through the provision of long-term disability and life insurance policies.

Wellness Benefits

We provide three 8 hour days of wellness benefits to use for a mental health day.

Employment, Job Shadowing, & Internship Questions