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NVCH is expanding services to meet our community's needs

In 2018 Nemaha Valley Community Hospital and Sabetha Community Hospital worked together to conduct the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Creating healthy communities requires a high level of mutual understanding and collaboration among community leaders. The development of this assessment brings together community health leaders and providers, along with the local residents, to research and prioritize county health needs and document community health delivery success. Among the top seven health related priorities established for Nemaha County, Alcohol Abuse and Substance Abuse rank as two of those priorities.

“We take our responsibility seriously to invest in our resources and energies to understanding and meeting the diverse healthcare needs of all and ensure that everyone receives necessary care” said Kiley Floyd, CEO at NVCH. “We are excited to partner with Mirror Inc. to offer Substance and Alcohol Assessment and Counseling via tele-health in our Outpatient Clinic to continue to fulfill our obligation to our patients and their families.”

Mirror Inc. was founded in 1972 on the belief that people can and do change. Including you.
They are a not-for-profit, private corporation providing behavioral healthcare, prevention and wellness, and correctional re-entry services. As a major provider in Kansas, they offer a comprehensive continuum of services and programs for people seeking help.

Just like many other chronic diseases, addiction can be successfully managed. Mirror’s approach is designed to help you succeed in counteracting addiction’s powerful, disruptive effects on the brain and behavior – and help you regain control of your life. To accomplish that, services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual. Emphasis is placed on using cognitive, behavioral and other research-based approaches.

Services that will be offered via tele-health in the NVCH Outpatient clinic include Substance and Alcohol Abuse Evaluation and Assessments and Individual Counseling. Mirror Inc. will hold a weekly clinic at NVCH beginning Monday, June 17th. To schedule your appointment please contact Mirror Inc. at 785-367-0561 and request the NVCH location.

Medicaid Expansion helps our local hospitals, providers and community

Medicaid expansion has taken center stage in Topeka, and we want to ensure that our communities understand how expansion would help our local hospitals, providers and the people we serve. All of our organizations are dedicated to fully supporting our communities and our state, and the most important benefit of expansion is providing health insurance to 150,000 working Kansans. These are our neighbors who either make too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid or don’t make enough to afford insurance. If they do purchase insurance, it is often with an extremely high deductible that covers only the most catastrophic hospitalizations. Look around our communities, and you will see friends and neighbors who would benefit from insuring those 150,000 Kansans through Medicaid expansion: waitresses, cooks, retail clerks, entrepreneurs who are just getting started, young farmers or ranchers working to turn a profit, artists, construction workers, or people working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet ¬¬¬– plus employees of small businesses that cannot afford to offer health insurance, those who work on a contract basis, or even state employees. Click here to continue reading.